Steel Guitar CD
"The Gene Breeden Studio Session"
April 28th, 2001

1. Heavenly Blues
2. A Night In Tunisia
3. Ladybird
4. God Bless The Child
5. Steel-Flutage
6. Take Five
7. A Minor Incident
8. Etude 1 For The Steel Guitar

MP3 Sound Sample :

Take Five

God Bless The Child


Saxophone CD

1. In The Hall Of The Mountain King
2. I Just Know
3. God Bless The Child
4. I'm Not Sorry
5. Soul Music
6. Too Deep
7. Pop Goes The Weasel
8. Heavenly Blues
9. Fool's Lulluby

MP3 Sound Sample :

In The Hall Of The Mountain King

I'm Not Sorry

I Just Know


1. You're Not The Real Thing
2. Get Up
3. Get Back
4. Just Because
5. While We're Young
6. Lost Puppy
7. Peter's Mountain King
8. Over And Out
9. Yes It Is
10. Loner
11. Summer's innocence

MP3 Sound Sample :

You're not the real thing

Peter's Mountain King