Let me share some of the photographs that I've collected through my travels
around the world and over the years.

Early 70s

Ilona my daughter

With Donna Fargo "On the road"

Gene Breeden & I at the board
in his Studio in Nashville Tenn.

John Hughey

Jim Vest

Jimmy Crawford

Hal Rugg

Lloyd Green

Smiley Roberts

Lisa Zanghi

Western Union Band, Berlin, Germany 1983

Working with a "Floor Show"

Me, Petra and Jim Varney at the Stockyard Rest.

Bonn, Germany 1980

Jimmy Dean and Larry Franklin, STYD REST.

The Stockyard Resturant and Bullpen Lounge, late 80s

Martin Mull, STYD/Bullpen Lounge


High School

Stockfish Studio, Germany 1982

"Don Frost" Gospel TV Show

Jim Ed Brown at Gene Breeden Studios

Playing the new "Excel Steel"

Don Frost TV Gospel Show set


Tanya Tucker at the "Bullpen Lounge"

Playing Flute @ the STKYD

Ivana Trump

"Minnesota Fats"

Sandra Reeves and Ann Margaret at the STKYD
for the filming of "Following Her Heart"